I believe, as a writer, artist musician and photographer that all our thoughts

Reflect and design our reality of life in a meditative way.

Inspired by the permaculture world, the mystery of the east and the magic of the Buddhism-Hinduism way,

I create my first Philosophy-Photography book: "The Fortune Teller". 

 In order to be fully conscious of the reality of all, man has to free himself from the bonds of personal desires. If the extension of consciousness be outward process, than it is endless; facts are many, but the truth is one. Love is the highest bliss that man can attain to. our great revealers are they who make manifest the true Meaning of the soul by giving up self For the Love of Mankind 

Whether you have loved a human being or whether you have loved god,

If you have loved enough you will be brought in the end

Into the presence of the supreme love itself.